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Vic Mungai Chumz


  • Sep 2022 - Present

My Role

  • UI/ UX Designer


The retail investment market is under- served, with most fund managers targeting institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals.


Potential clients recognize the value of savings and investment but lack an effective tool to develop these habits.


Chumz is an intuitive mobile app that guides users in saving and investing based on their lifestyle around money


The app utilizes behavioural psychology to guide users on when and how to save based on their lifestyle around money. It also offers an easy, convenient, and accessible platform, to help individuals reach their financial goals.


With a focus on the under- served retail investment market, Chumz provides a solution that caters to the needs of everyday users, including parents who want to educate their children about financial literacy.




To succeed in an economy and culture where numerous financial initiatives have failed or been exposed as fraudulent, building trust and gaining acceptance from users was our top priority.

Obtaining authorization from the Capital Markets Authority, partnering with authorized fund managers, and legit unit trust auditors.



Small amounts as low as USD 0.05 could have a meaningful impact on your financial well-being.

Users believe that saving and investing requires substantial amounts like USD 10 or more.


An enjoyable and engaging user experience, transforms the saving and investing process from a burden into a fun activity.

Our goal was to promote financial discipline while ensuring an entertaining user experience.


Financial discipline is easier said than done

We had to find innovative ways to motivate users to save consistently.


How shall we expand our Assets Under Management?

Attracting more unique users to the platform and motivating existing users to set and achieve bigger goals.

Chumz App has in 2 years gained over 100K active and unique user accounts thanks to its intuitive UI/UX design making it the fastest growing banking and finance App (Fintech) in Nairobi, Kenya.


See link:

Unfortunately due to NDA I can't show the rest of my work publically, but please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss my experience at Chumz! 

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